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Casket, Encoffining & Embalming Service

01. Casket ( Half-Glass / Model: E04 )

02. Professional Embalming, Dressing & Make-up

03. Professional Service Team

  • Collect deceased from hospital or home
  • Transport to our office for embalming
  • Send deceased and casket to Parlour or HDB void deck
  • Book cremation slot and arrangement
  • Professional service team on funeral day


Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

04. 24hrs Air-Conditioned Funeral Parlour

  • With tables, chairs and toilet facilities
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

05. Funeral Decoration

06. Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarge photo with 10” x 12” wooden frame
  • 6 pieces passport-sized photo

07. Floral Arrangement

  • Floral Photo Wreath ( Standard size 11” x 13” )
  • Floral Cross Wreath

08. Condolence Book

Coordination of Memorial Ceremony
& Funeral Procession Service

09. Air-Conditioned Bus 1 unit ( 45-seater )

10. Funeral Hearse

11. Ash Collection Service

About Unity Casket Funeral Planner Company

Unity Casket Funeral Planner Services is a 1 stop funeral planner company providing funeral service and funeral consultancy for all religion background for bereaved families, with an transparent and sincere funeral services in Singapore.
Unity Casket Funeral Planner Company, with support from a reliable team of specialists and partners, ensures highest quality of services in the funeral services industry.